7 of the best CBD gummies, according to online reviewers


All CBD products listed in this story are derived from hemp. Some CBD products, like those derived from marijuana, are only legal in certain states; see here to determine whether or not you can legally make a purchase. Additionally, THC/CBD edibles and additives are not necessarily FDA-approved.

Hypothetical comparison time: CBD is the #1 band on the charts right now. Oil is the lead singer, and gummies are the less famous member that started a solo career because they deserve just as much attention.

CBD-infused gummies are a delish alternative when estimating drops of oil sounds too hard and when vaping in public draws too much attention. For anyone who’s on the fence about trying CBD, gummies are a fun way to get started. Most retailers offer mini sizes for less than $15, so a trial run is much cheaper than with other CBD products, too. But just like with marijuana, CBD is something you’ll have to test on yourself to see how much you want to take. Starting low is crucial, so these mini variety packs can help there. Read more…

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Author: Leah Stodart

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