Master Amazon’s cloud development platform with these online classes —and kickstart a six-figure career


Amazon has become so ubiquitous that Amazon Prime might as well be at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. But you might not be aware that the e-commerce site is not the most profitable arm of the conglomerate. Their biggest chunk of income actually comes from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Patriot Act’s Hasan Minhaj described AWS’s relationship to Amazon best: is Amazon’s Los Pollos Hermanos (Breaking Bad, anyone?), while AWS is the peddling operation. In short, it’s where the money’s at. AWS provides server space, cloud computing, and cybersecurity services to different companies, and in the last quarter of 2018 alone, it netted a total of $72.4 billion in revenue.   Read more…

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Author: Miller Kern

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