Summer movie preview: What to watch if you feel the need for speed


The summer movie season is upon us, flooding our theaters with intriguing new releases. So here we are to help you navigate that storm, with a look ahead at some of the most exciting titles to come. 

Is there anything quite as enjoyable as slipping into a cool dark theater on a hot summer day, to spend two hours sitting still while attractive famous people run around exploding things? 

Well, maybe. But we’ll be damned if we know what it is. As far as we’re concerned, heat waves and action flicks are a match made in heaven, not least because ever-expanding blockbuster run times mean more time luxuriating in movie theater air conditioning. Read more…

More about Dark Phoenix, Godzilla King Of The Monsters, Men In Black International, Fast Furious Presents Hobbs Shaw, and John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum

Author: Angie Han

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