Twitter is now able to detect harassment without user reports


Twitter has been slowly getting better at fixing abuse and harassment on its platform — despite a few embarrassing blunders

Now, the company says it’s finally getting better at addressing one of the most obvious problems: that most harassment isn’t dealt with unless it’s reported by the victim. 

The company is now detecting more harassment proactively, Twitter said, addressing what has long been one of the company’s most frustrating (and obvious) flaws. 

“This time last year, 0 percent of potentially abusive content was flagged to our teams for review proactively,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Today, by using technology, 38 percent of abusive content that’s enforced is surfaced proactively for human review instead of relying on reports from people using Twitter. This encompasses a number of policies, such as abusive behavior, hateful conduct, encouraging self-harm, and threats, including those that may be violent.” Read more…

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Author: Karissa Bell

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