Snapchat has become a content creation tool for Instagram and Twitter users

Miley Cyrus’ selfie that was taken using Snapchat’s filter.

It’s arguable that Snapchat stopped being culturally relevant when Kylie Jenner declared it dead and Rihanna disavowed it. This past weekend, however, it seemed like everyone was re-downloading, reopening, or trying out Snapchat for the first time in years. The cause was two new Snapchat filters, which allow users to look at gender swapped versions of themselves by adding traditional masculine features (beards and short hair) or normative female features (makeup, long hair, and a softer complexion).

The filters quickly spread everywhere outside of Snapchat. Modified selfies appeared all over Twitter, Instagram Stories, and even Facebook. It became immediately clear that participating in the fun online trend this weekend meant downloading…

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Author: Julia Alexander

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