Imagination + the #EventCanvas at #IMEX19 boost event design practitioners in Frankfurt

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Great to be back again. The Event Design Collective had 3 full days at #IMEX19. From #EDUMonday to podcast, campfires and culminating with the presentation of the #EMEC20 highlights. Action filled days worth investing our time to meet new Event Design enthusiasts.

#EDUMonday was a great experience (again) for the Event Design Collective (EDCo) community as well as for the participants. It is always very inspiring to have a workshop with people coming from such different backgrounds — different countries, different cultures, smaller and larger companies — and watch them learn and apply the common Event Design language and process. The English session was delivered by Ruud Janssen, Co-founder EDCo and Vincent Roux, EDCo’s France Director, while for the German session the trainers were Roel Frissen, Co-founder EDCo and Gerrit Jessen, EDCo’s Germany Director. But let’s cut the long story short and show you how it was.


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More than 330 #IMEX participants and aspiring Event Designers are being trained EDC Level 1 of #EventCanvas Mastery thanks to our enduring partnership with IMEX and great collaboration with the IMEX’s CED’ers Milda Salciute, Knowledge and Events Senior Executive and Dale Hudson, Knowledge and Events Director. In this edition alone, we trained more than 60 event professionals in both English and German, have a look at the album below to see them in action.

#IMEX 2019, Frankfurt, Germany


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If you too would like to join us, the next IMEX opportunity is in September at IMEX America.

Roel and Ruud were guest of the #EVENTICONS podcast of Will Curran and Brand Krueger from Endless Events in which they talked about the Event Canvas and the Event Camp Series to build on the previous episode.

Gerrit Jessen and Vincent Roux were part of the Inspiration Hub. They had lively, informal discussions with 20 participants each. Both Vincent and Gerrit helped their attendees understand what event design is and how they can apply the Event Design using the #EventCanvas methodology to their own events.

Not forgetting about the MPI’s European Meetings & Events Conference #EMEC20 in Sevilla highlights either, which we’re so excited to be part of again. As you know, or maybe not, we already helped MPI with EMEC19 in The Hague and #EMEC17 in Granada. Both turned out to be fascinating Event Design journeys. After 4 design sprints with 65 contributors, #EMEC20 now has 11 pragmatic design principles and a main theme which builds on from the “Changing the Game” theme into his year’s : Pushing the boundaries. Besides the highlights provided by Roel and Ruud during the sessions at the MPI stand there were also some interesting discussions with Miranda van Brück, CED from MPI and Angeles Moreno, CED EDCo’s Spain Director.

It’s been a great event, from start to finish. What we’re most proud and happy about are the most recent participants whom we introduced to the #EventCanvas methodology. There are 60 new practitioners who speak the practical and visual language of Event Design. They are ready to create behaviour-changing events and can now better explain the value of their events to their stakeholders. Let the music play on and on. As our co-founder, Ruud Janssen said:

What sheet music is to music, #EventCanvas is to events.

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