‘Dark Phoenix’ has the worst opening in the X-Men franchise’s entire history. Damn.


The X-Men can’t save everything — including their own movies.

Dark Phoenix, one of the most beloved storylines in the X-Men comic books, nonetheless debuted to a record low for the franchise this weekend. The film grossed just around $33 million at the domestic box office, compared to the 2016 opening of Deadpool, a spinoff, which grossed over $125 million opening weekend. Even The Wolverine debuted to $53 million in 2013.

The differences couldn’t be more stark.

The film, which is the twelfth in the X-Men series, currently has earned a meager 22 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics calling the series “middling,””clichéd,” and “unsatisfying.Read more…

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Author: Heather Dockray

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