These sleek wireless earbuds are on sale — save 53% in our shop


TL;DR: The crystal-clear PaMu Scroll wireless headphones are a true competitor to the coveted AirPods, and you can grab a pair for just $69.99 in the Mashable Shop.

Look to your left, and then to your right. It’s almost certain that you’ll spot a handful of people with earbuds on. Whether they’re listening to podcasts or blasting playlists — or simply trying to avoid conversation — there’s a reason why people are glued to their earbuds.

The true wireless earbud revolution is here, folks, and it’s here to stay.

But now that cable-free earphones are cementing their status as a necessity rather than luxury, there comes another set of problems. More and more companies are coming out with their own version of wireless buds just for the heck of it.  Read more…

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Author: Dylan Haas

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