A nonzero number of people have had sex with AirPods in


Tragedy is afoot in the sex-having community. According to a highly dubious survey, there exist multiple people in this world who’ve had sex while wearing AirPods. 

This “study,” which was conducted by the ticket selling platform TickPick, focuses on “the intersection of music and sexual preferences.” Basically, it surveyed 1,010 people about a bunch of music and sex stuff, most of which is fairly boring. (Of course nearly one in four folk fans has cried during sex.)

But one of its finding is outright disturbing: 17 percent of respondents who own AirPods said they’d left their AirPods in during sex. Were they playing audio while the sex was happening? We can’t be sure. But imagine having sex with someone while simultaneously understanding that they were wearing — and we can’t stress this enough — AirPods. AirPods are ugly, gross, and ethically dubious — basically everything you don’t want to associate with a sexual partner! Read more…

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Author: Chloe Bryan

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