The Yale Smart Home Alarm family kit is down to under £210 on Amazon


TL;DR: The secure Yale IA-320 Smart Home Alarm family kit is down to just £209.99, saving you £58.99.

Keeping your home secure doesn’t need to be a military operation. You don’t need to install cameras in every corner of your property, with motion detectors in the garden. All you need is a Yale Smart Home Alarm family kit.

So call off the circling helicopters and attack dogs, because the Yale Smart Home Alarm is easy to install, with a set of impressive features to keep you and your family safe. You can control the alarm and connected devices via the app. This sends real-time notifications and alerts to your phone when someone enters your property. You can also integrate the system with lights and a voice assistant to further beef up security. Read more…

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Author: Joseph Green

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