Creating Transformative Experiences.

Our industry has spent the last 5 years talking about how important it is to design experiences. This aim is undeniably true. However, it is time to shift the conversation towards how the live event experience we design can have transformational power. Why is it important? Because the experiences that do not create behaviour changes yield little to no return on the investment.

Event attendees are demanding more from live events! We as an industry have been busy reacting to this by deploying new and innovative ways to appease them. We have activated exciting technologies like VR, AR and projection mapping with great excitement and “wow”. We have created fun game activations into our tradeshows and/or foyer spaces. We have activated live engagement tools utilizing attendee smart devices. Chefs have been challenged to create new and exciting menus with innovative delivery methods, including projection mapping and interactive food stations.

But as we rush to appease our demanding attendees, forever desperate for the new “Wow” we have often lost sight of the opportunity to positively change the way our stakeholders feel, think, see, say and do.

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The time has come for #Eventprofs to take the lead and shift the focus from the product and services to the outcomes we create.

That is the value represented in the way we change the world around us. The way live events contribute to the progression and evolution of our society. The hot topic raised at the Global Events Forum was: commoditization of the events industry. A highly valuable topic, but arguably 10-15 years too late.

When Pine and Gilmore released The Experience Economy in the mid-1990s they stated: Businesses of the day are presenting a higher value product by… READ MORE

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