2019 most talked about: Why flat-Earth theory and anti-vax conspiracies exist

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  • Big Think’s most talked about video of 2019 presents the explanation that if you see animals when you look at clouds or see faces in pieces of wood, that’s called pareidolia: the phenomenon of making familiar objects from vague stimuli.
  • Humans evolved to be superstitious, and Michio Kaku posits that there is a gene for superstition and magical thinking. Nine times out of 10, your beliefs can be wrong, but one time out of 10 it saved your ancestors’ butts, says Kaku.
  • Flat Earthers and anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists exist now, and they will still exist in 1,000 years, says Kaku. It’s natural. Humans evolved to believe in nonsense, but it’s by becoming good at something totally unnatural to us – science – that reason can prevail.

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