Event Design in demand in the Netherlands + expansion into Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Brasil and Mexico.

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-Basel, Switzerland 5 February 2020

The need for event design is growing across the globe.

Since the launch in 2017, the Event Design Collective had now expanded into Finland, Estonia, Russia, Brasil and Mexico.

In Brasil, Rachel Ramos, CED, is active as Director Brazil for the Event Design Collective. In Finland, Sweden and Estonia, Erno Ovaska, CED is leading the expansion in the Nordic and Baltic area. In Mexico, Mauricio Magdaleno, CED is activating the Event Design Collective with his team. And most recently, Tanya Spournova, CED is making strides in Russia from her base in Moscow.

With now 12 offices worldwide and availability of the #EventCanvas template in 14 languages, it is also time for expansion of the team als in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has been the cradle of the Event Canvas™ and the demand for event design is growing rapidly. Passionate event designers Marga Groot Zwaaftink and Ingrid Rip joined forces from January 1st to respond to the increasing demand for design support. Both ladies are experienced event designers with their own networks and experience. Through collaboration they provide Edco Netherlands more energy, power and knowledge. Marga’s primary focus is the corporate events whereas Ingrid is the expert in designing (scientific) association events.

What is the Event Canvas™?

The #EventCanvas is a tool based on the principles of design thinking applied to events. It is exciting to consciously design events that change the way participants think and behave. Change towards predefined behaviour changes. The fact that it provides a universal language between stakeholders on all levels, is the core advantage of this strategic management template. In the process of designing an event that truly adds value and leaves an impact. The Event Design using the Event Canvas™ methodology involves multiple stakeholders; often to include the meeting owner, the organiser, participants, suppliers and sponsors. It is done by a diverse team, as design thinking is a collaborative process. Providing all involved with clear, unambiguous narrative that results from the the entire process which guides the team like a compass from (strategic) design to execution. 

On regular occasions you can familiarize yourself with this universal methodology through roadshows and EDC Level 1 trainings. The team can also service clients much faster in their development of tailor-made design projects. Projects that sometimes concern short term goals, yet nowadays with the growing belief in the strategic added value of this methodology the Event Design Collective is often involved in long term event design in order to demonstrate how events create value and give meaning to the strategic goals of the organisation.

More information on the region (in local language) + team photos see: https://edco.global/core-team/ 

Finland, Sweden, Estonia : Erno Ovaska, CED Director Finland, Sweden, Estonia : https://edco.global/finland/

Brasil: Rachel Ramos, CED , Director Brasil:  https://edco.global/brasil/

Mexico: Mauricio Magdaleno, CED, Director Mexico : https://edco.global/mexico/

Russia: Tanya Spournova, CED:  https://edco.global/Russia/

Netherlands: Ingrid Rip, CED & Marga Groot Zwaaftink, CED :  www.edco.global/netherlands 


Foto’s:  Ingrid Rip, CED & Marga Groot Zwaaftink, CED 

Note for the editor: for more information or interviews Marga Groot Zwaaftink van EDC Nederland 06 23466473 or marga@edco.global

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