Are you distracted at work? Don’t blame technology.

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  • After hearing so many people blame email and Slack as causes of distraction in the workplace, Nir Eyal went to the Slack offices and discovered it to be a focus-driven office with excellent work-life boundaries. Tech isn’t the problem, he concluded. The root cause of workplace distraction is cultural dysfunction.
  • Companies that have a healthy workplace culture create psychological safety for their employees to voice concerns and complaints. When issues can be resolved—without fear of punishment—employees are able to return to work rather than sit and seethe.
  • Importantly, leaders must also model indistractibility by giving undivided attention to people in meetings and not working 24/7, which Eyal describes as a “terrible” cycle of reaction. Reacting to emails and meetings all day long doesn’t give people the time to be reflective—to focus and do their best work.

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