Kate the Chemist: Water is a freak substance. Here’s why.

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  • University of Texas professor and science entertainer Kate the Chemist joined Big Think to talk about water molecules and to answer two interesting and important questions: Why does boiling water make it safe to drink, and what happens to water when you boil or freeze it?
  • According to Kate, when water is heated to a certain temperature (100°C/ 212°F) the hydrogen bonds break and it goes from a liquid to a gas state. Boiling for a minimum of 5 minutes kills any viruses and bacteria that were in the water.
  • “Water is a freak and so it is one of my favorite molecules ever,” Kate says. “It has these unique properties and we are surrounded by it constantly. We also are made of water. We have to drink water to survive…It’s a really, really fun molecule to investigate.”

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