The school curriculum has stopped breathing. Let’s bring it back to life.

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  • The role of curriculum planners is to ensure that what students are being taught doesn’t become stale and rigid. “The minute curriculum stops breathing, it gets really boring fast,” says Heidi Hayes Jacobs, president of Curriculum Designers Inc.
  • Jacobs says there are three necessary questions that designers have to ask while moving forward during and after COVID-19: What should be cut that isn’t working, what essential components should be kept, and maybe most importantly, what will be created?
  • Students, through their shared experiences, feelings, and realizations, will be a key part of how we understand this moment and use these insights to refresh learning.

This video is part of Z 17 Collective‘s Future of Learning series, which asks education thought leaders what learning can and should look like in the midst and wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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