LIVE TOMORROW| Penn Jillette: The year that shattered America’s illusions

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The year 2020 will go down in history as one that shook our inner and outer worlds. In this Big Think Live session,
magician, author, and cultural critic Penn Jillette will discuss the giant upheavals of 2020 through the lens of what he knows best: illusions. Which social, personal, and governmental illusions have been shattered this year, and how (and what) should we rebuild? Jillette, one half the world’s most famous magic duo with Teller, will also give tips on how to foster long-term business partnerships and sustain creativity, and how he maintains a clear, rational mind in the noisiest era to date.

Moderated by Victoria Montgomery-Brown, co-founder and CEO of Big Think.

Join at 1pm ET tomorrow, July 10, and ask your questions for Penn Jillette during the audience Q&A!

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