4 Reasons You Should Switch to Live Badging Now

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We work with a lot of event planners on a lot of events. While no two events are the same, one thing we’ve learned that remains consistent is the shared headache that is pre-printing and stuffing name badges. It’s no wonder why this is such a pain in the you-know-what when you have hundreds, or even thousands, of guests that need name badges. The good news is… this doesn’t have to be a painful, tedious, time-suck anymore. Enter live badging – the answer to your badge printing problems.

What is Live Badging?

Live badging is event tech that enables attendees to print their badges themselves when they arrive at your event. The badges come in several different, customizable options so that you aren’t spending hours upon hours stuffing pre-printed badges the night before the event.

If the time-savings alone haven’t sold you yet, here are four more reasons why you should switch to live badging right now.

One: It’s less wasteful

Things happen that can cause attendees to miss your event that are beyond your control, such as unexpected illnesses or delayed/canceled flights. The problem is that there is no way to predict how many people who have registered for your event will actually show up in the event of illness or delayed travel. Because of this, you’ll create name badges for every attendee.

Having live badging eliminates waste as only the people who actually attend will print their badges in real-time. In addition, if there were any typos or last-minute name changes, live badging can accommodate that with zero waste.

Two: It’s faster for both attendees and planners

The norm on the first day of the event is long lines, with a small handful of people manually checking-in attendees. The person checking people in looks for a name on a multi-page, paper list then searches through a bin of badges before handing the attendee the correct badge and sending them on their way. It takes way too long.

Start with a great first impression

Check-in is the first impression attendees get of your event. Long line-ups and hefty wait times aren’t a good start. Live badging dramatically speeds up check-in by streamlining the whole process. For example, one of our customers saw huge improvements in check-in speed for their 2018 event. In 2017, they were able to check-in four attendees per minute using 12 iPads, while in 2018 after implementing live badging, they were able to check-in seven attendees per minute using six iPads.

On the flip side, live badging is also a lot faster for event planners. As previously mentioned, live badging eliminates the long, late-night hours spend printing and stuffing name badges.

Three: It saves you money

Having live badging enables attendees to check themselves into events. Because of this, you can reduce staff at manned registration desks over 50%. Not to mention the time-cost savings. In addition, for those of you who pay to ship badges in, printing fully colored badges onsite eliminates shipping costs, ultimately saving you even more money.

Four: Eliminates errors

We’re human and all make mistakes – including typos on pre-printed badges. I’ll admit, as someone who attended a conference once before where the event organizers printed my badge with a typo in my name…I was a little annoyed. Live badging eliminates this. Attendees are able to check themselves in and ensure everything looks right before printing the badge. In the event there’s an error, they’ll be able to see it on the iPad before the bad ever prints, allowing them to easily make a correction to ensure their badge prints correctly.

Improve your overall registration and check-in process with live badging. To learn more, check out our onsite solutions and tools. Find out how to reduce waste, streamline check-in, and save money with the different live badging options Cvent offers.

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