Why the world is going crazy—and how to win back our minds

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  • The speed at which civilization is progressing has become overwhelming for modern humans and has caused what Jamie Wheal, author and founder of the Flow Genome Project, calls a “collapse of meaning.”
  • For many, Meaning 1.0 (organized religion) and Meaning 2.0 (modern liberalism) no longer provide the structure and guidance that they used to. “It does feel like the handrails, the things we used to look to for stability and security, have evaporated,” says Wheal. “If we’ve experienced a collapse of meaning, how do we go about restoring it?”
  • In order to reach Meaning 3.0—which Wheal says is a blend of traditional religion and modern liberalism without the promise of an escape—we need to focus on mending trauma, reconnecting with inspiration, and connecting better with one another.

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